Our PBIS System

Our Positive Behavior Interventions System or PBIS is a school-wide program that focuses on proactive behavior modication strategies that encourage and foster the development of positive behaviors throughout our school.  The goal of this system is to enhance our students' emotional and social well being as well as ensuring positive cultural change that is on-going and dynamic.  All stakeholders must be a part of this system for it to be effective and beneficial for all. At the heart of our PBIS system are our core values reflected in our Bobcat Pledge, which focus on being respectful, responsible, a solution, an achiever and being peaceful.  These core values are recited and encouraged daily.



BLES Staff,
Don't forget to send out at least two (2) Bobcat-a-Paws postcards per week.  This is a great way to connect with OUR kids and be proactive in developing a positive relationship with your students and their families. 


Proactive, Postive Daily Interventions
*  Greet students at your classroom door
*  Ask them how they are doing and listen
*  Give a high-five or a hand shake
*  Think outside the box and have fun
*  Remember...Attitudes are Contagious
*  Plan ENGAGING and FUN lessons
*  Encourage and give a "good" note home
*  Make a Postive phone call home
*  Be fair, consistent, yet unpredictable

Professional Development
July 30, 2012-- Presenter, Mr. Kelly Middleton, author, trainer and superintendent
Mr. Middleton will be focusing on the importance of Positive Relationships with students and how we can continue to move our school into a proactive, positive culture for our kids.  In the library at 8:00 AM.   


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