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As principal of Betsy Layne Elementary School, it's a great honor to welcome you to our school's website.  Betsy Layne Elementary has a long-standing tradition of being a beacon of education excellence in Floyd County.  Our goal at BLES is to create a school environment where student learning is the focus and character development is emphasized daily.  We pride ourselves on "Being Our Best." From the classroom, to the ball court, to the lunch line, to the State assessment, we strive to be our best at whatever we are doing.  

Our School Motto is: 
"Being Our Best Counts AThis School." 

Our School Pledge is:
"I will be Respectful"
"I will be Responsible"
"I will be a Solution"
"I will be an Achiever"
"I will be Peaceful"

The students and staff recite this pledge daily because it reflects the core values we deem to be the very hub of our school's culture.  In fact, our entire school Discipline and Behavior program is based on these five (5) principles.  

The staff at Betsy Layne Elementary is made up of some of the most dedicated and qualified individuals in the education system, and I'm very proud and happy to call them colleagues. I challenge you to find a more helpful and dedicated staff.

I know the importance of education and on my desk is a sign that asks, "Is It About The Students?"  As this question indicates, my focus is "the students" of BLES.  I expect each of them to be successful.  I also feel it's an ethical obligation to equip each student to do just that.  

I'm extremely proud of the programs and services we currently offer our learning community.  

Please feel free to call or stop by OUR school and see why we are the BEST.


John A. Kidd

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